Project Management

LNA works with all principal contractors and suppliers on and off-site to project manage the building and/or refurbishment of a ship. The project management and ongoing supervision includes continual reviews throughout the project to ensure that design specifications and deadlines are met in line with the shipowners / operators requirements.

We maintain straightforward professional communications with Class and Flag-State authorities in order to ensure minimum delays and avoid cost escalations from unresolved issues.

Inservice refurbishment minimises off-hire time. These projects are a special area of our experience.

On-site supervision ensures best practice engineering and full compliance with owners requirements.

Our management team ensures the best project management practice through:

  • Working directly with the prime contractors
  • Procurement of materials
  • Accurate time scheduling
  • Keeping costs within budget
  • Wide scope capabilities
  • Quality work
  • Broad marine knowledge
  • And commitment to every project

Recent Project Management Projects

Examples of recently completed projects, which included Project Management, arelisted below. Simply click on the project to see more details or go to the Recent Projects page: -


  • Ship Design
  • Marine Interiors
  • Ship Stability
  • Drafting Services
  • New Buildings
  • Conversions