Marine Interiors

A successful interior design combines the functional with the aesthetic. The aesthetic may range from the classic appeal of a QM2 to the futuristic lines of an HSS1500 and is a fundamental element in attracting both ship-owners and customers to a passenger ship design. Creative interior design will encourage the easy flow of passengers throughout the ship maximising both customer satisfaction and spending. 

LNA consults with clients to determine needs, preferences and expectations including: -

  • Analysis of functional and safety requirements, desired effect and purpose of the interior
  • Sketch plans and 3D image visualisation of areas showing arrangement of space, furniture and accessories
  • Estimates costs and materials required and presents plans and quotes to clients for approval
  • Selection or recommendation of purchases for decorative and functional materials, as well as accessories, such as furniture, lighting fixtures and carpets ceilings and wall panels
  • Liasing with workers engaged in on-site implementation of proposed scheme
  • Using CAD systems as part of the design process and for consultation with clients
  • Designing original furnishings and joinery to conform with proposed scheme.

Recent Marine Interior Design Projects

Examples of recent projects are listed below. For more information simply click on the project title or go to the Recent Projects page: -

To download a 9 page example of a completed refurbishment click on this Before and After pdf. (1.76 MB)

Click on this video to watch the Interislander Kiwi Rail 7 minute feature on the lengthening of the Aratere
and view some of the marine interior changes implemented by Lightning Naval Architecture.



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