Drafting Services

LNA has a team of highly skilled draftsmen and women, and offers additional drafting services for specialist and independent marine consultancies.
Services available include:

  • General Arrangement drawings
  • Fire and Damage Control Plans, Lifesaving Plans, Escape and Safety Plans
  • Class drawings and structural plans
  • Detailed interior plans
  • Documentation conversion to digital formats (existing paper drawings to CAD)
  • Schematic drawings for services
  • 3D Visualisation Renders - white or matched to finishes

 Marine Engineering

LNA can also provide senior marine engineering expertise for:

  • On site project support and vessel inspections
  • Development of custom Condition Assessment Programs
  • Construction and major repair supervision
  • In-house hydraulic calculations
  • P & I Diagrams for ship systems

Recent Projects In Marine Engineering and Drafting

Examples of recent projects are listed below. For more information simply click on the project title or go to the Recent Projects page: -

  • Ship Design
  • Marine Interiors
  • Ship Stability
  • Drafting Services
  • New Buildings
  • Conversions